2113: A Canberra Odyssey

Sat 13 July - Sun 3 November

CMAG thanks the Land Development Agency for the generous support it has provided
to commission Fernando Pino’s model of the Griffin submission to the Federal Capital design competition.

This thanks is extended to our very many sponsors and collaborators for their support in the exhibition.

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Community programs
Exhibition digital catalogue (PDF, 4.2MB)

ABC 666 Treasure Trove
- Griffin Drawing in wood by Fernando Pino (external link)

Kate Corbett's ABC Radio 666 interview with curator Dale Middleby


Take a journey through time to explore dimensions of Canberra's
future and past. A major Centenary exhibition that examines time,
place and identity through the interplay of art, science and
historical material


Director's foreword: To dream of life outside our time

2113: A Canberra Odyssey is an exhibition that celebrates the power of recording places imagined... here the place is Canberra and the time stretches over 300 years.

In Canberra's Centenary year, we have had many opportunities to think about the great 1913 design competition. It proved critical to the creative 'imagining' of our city. A highlight of 2013 has been our chance to engage directly with Walter and Marion Griffin's unique and exhilarating submission to that competition. It is now on display at the National Archives
of Australia. Its beautiful renderings and plans, uplifted by their democratic and crystalline vision, convey, for many of us, a big slice of this
city's soul.

This exhibition finds its starting point in 1913, with the Griffins' gift to us. Their gift proved to be an idea for a city of the future, which still has the power to inspire us 100 years later. Witness, the exhibition's centre-piece which is a beautiful model of the Griffin submission, carved in recycled timber by Fernando Pino. The model has been commissioned with the generous support of the ACT's Land Development Agency and under the care of the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) it will continue to connect us, for generations to come, with the story of Canberra's conception.

This exhibition will stimulate us to travel, not only with the Griffins' dream, but with the dreams of others as well. It invites us to explore the visions of local academics, artists and designers. These dedicated Canberrans have collaborated to reflect on what it might be like in our city 100 years on, in 2113.

We can also turn back in time to our city's 50th Jubilee. There we discover the work of planners and artists who created their own visions of Canberra's future development. We are grateful for the important conservation which has been undertaken to present and preserve these works with the support of the Village Building Co.

The riches of this exhibition include a presentation of our Indigenous peoples' perspectives of our region through time; experiences of landscape and community from the 1800s; and even views of an extraordinary Canberra, imbued with a vigorous spirit life!

This ambitious exhibition was conceived and has been expertly curated by CMAG's Senior Curator of Social History, Dale Middleby. She deserves congratulations for delivering such an intriguing opportunity for us to experience and dream about this place. Great thanks should also flow to the very many individuals and organisations who have so generously and enthusiastically contributed their time, ideas and creative labour to realise this exhibition. They include the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, ABC TV, ACT Government, Australian National University, AR Studio and Canberra Institute of Technology. A comprehensive list of collaborators can be found on the 'Acknowledgements' page of the catalogue.

I invite you to enjoy this fine exhibition as you press forward to the Canberra of one hundred years hence.

Shane Breynard
Director, Canberra Museum and Gallery
and ACT Historic Places

2113: A Canberra Odyssey is generously supported by




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Community Programs


Dr Robert Dyball and Bev Hogg

Wed 17 July: 1.00-2.00pm
Join Dr Robert Dyball, Australian National University Lecturer at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, and visual artist Bev Hogg as they discuss Canberra's food production future and the work of art, Big Foot's Feast.

Dale Middleby and Paul Hendry

Wed 31 July: 1.00-2.00pm
Join Dale Middleby, CMAG's Senior Curator of Social History, and art historian Paul Hendry for an overview of  the exhibition and a discussion about artist Lawrence Daws.

Fernando Pino and Christine Waring

Wed 14 August: 1.00-2.00pm
Join architecture graduate and artist Fernando Pino and Canberra milliner Christine Waring to learn about their professional practice and the works they created for the exhibition.

Dr David Shorthouse and Nancy Tingey

Wed 4 September: 1.00-2.00pm
Join visiting fellow at the Fenner School of Environment and Society Dr David Shorthouse and artist Nancy Tingey as they discuss biodiversity conservation and environmental planning in Canberra, and the striking art installation Regeneration.

George Wilson and Jennifer Smits, Micky Allan and Gilbert Riedelbauch

Wed 16 October: 1.00-2.00pm
Capturing works from different time periods in this exhibition's chronology, join George Wilson and Jennifer Smits as they provide an insight into a series of maps drawn for this exhibition, and hear artists Micky Allan and Gillbert Riedelbauch discuss their featured works of art.


Exploring the deep future of our city

Sat 21 September: 2.00-4.00pm
A panel event which will use the 2113: A Canberra Odyssey exhibition as a springboard to explore how we imagine the possible futures of our city, and what the future may look like. Panellists include Peter Tonkin, Director of Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects, Gay Williamson, Landscape Architect, and Andrew MacKenzie, Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at University of Canberra.

Includes light afternoon tea and refreshments. RSVP by Wed 18 September, for catering purposes.


CMAG ON SUNDAY: 1913<->2113 Backwards and Forwards

Sun 4 August: 12.00-4.00pm
Join us for an afternoon of structured workshops, led by local artist Amelia Zaraftis, for children aged 4 to 8 years. Look to our past, and glimpse the future in 2113: A Canberra Odyssey, then return to the CMAG studio to create your own vision.
$5 per child (ACT M&G Members and eligible concession card holders free);
bookings open Sat 13 July.

T IS FOR TODDLER: Hustle Bustle

Tue 29, Wed 30, Thu 31 October: 9.30-10.45am and 11.45am-1.00pm
Inspired by 2113: A Canberra Odyssey, children aged 2-3 years and their carers will celebrate the colour,
shape and movement of the city, through a variety of hands-on, guided activities in the CMAG studio.
Bookings are essential.
$5 per child (ACT M&G Members and eligible concession card holders free);
bookings are essential and open
Sun 29 September.

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