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Nolan goes digital in 2013

In Canberra’s Centenary year, Canberra Museum and Gallery is planning a significant
development in the access to the Nolan Collection. Each work of Art in the Collection
will be available to explore through a web-based collection database and dedicated mobile site.

A new online educational outreach resource is also being developed.
The resource will support teachers and students to create short stop motion animations
inspired by Nolan’s Kelly series, which resembles a storyboard for a film sequence.
The digital animations will be published online to celebrate and provide access to
young Australians’ creative engagement with one of our most treasured artists.

Both projects will be launched later in 2013.

A Centenary of Canberra Project supported
by the Australian Government.

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Past Programs

January - December 2012

January - June 2011

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