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A Little Bit of My Life: The Ned Kelly Program 2009

A Little Bit of My Life Video

An arts project inspired by Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly paintings that aims to empower
and re-engage young people at risk through photographic and media arts experiences
relevant to their worlds, allowing them the freedom to find their voice and tell their
story with meaning and resilience.

The goal of A Little Bit of My Life - Ned Kelly Program is to provide accessible arts experiences for
juvenile offenders, giving them the opportunity to develop their communication and learning skills
as well as their self-esteem and to help them reach their potential.

A Little Bit of My Life - Ned Kelly Programl enables participants to:

• recognise their potential and raise their aspirations
• take increasing responsibility for their behaviours
• work effectively and cooperatively in a collaborative situation
• develop self esteem and a sense of personal achievement
• consider different points of view
• feel more positive about communicating and learning
• enhance literacy skills through the exploration of different approaches to literacy
   (visual, written, spoken, dramatic, music)

And to:

• become a positive role model to others

Program Content

A Little Bit of My Life - Ned Kelly Program uses the participants’ experiences, the story of Ned Kelly,
and Sidney Nolan’s Kelly paintings as starting points for creative exploration.

Why Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly is an enduring cultural symbol that has captivated the imaginations of Australians for over
125 years. The story of Ned Kelly has inspired artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians who have
tried to uncover the real Ned Kelly. Perhaps the best known images are in the series of paintings by Sidney Nolan where he uses the Kelly image not only as a symbol for Australian identity, but as a
vehicle to question the relationship between personal identity and its concealment.

To engage disadvantaged young people in learning they have to experience connection and meaning. Historically Ned Kelly was a hero who lacked conventional heroic qualities; someone with who disadvantaged young people can identify and associate. By exploring the life of Ned Kelly participants
can draw parallels between their own lives and Kelly’s, how they portray themselves and how they choose to reveal or conceal their identities.


ACT Museums & Galleries wishes to acknowledge the support and assistance of The Richmond Fellowship of the ACT Inc.

ANU School of Art: Photography and Media Arts Department.

Sabina Moore, Facilitator. Education and Public Programs Officer Nolan Collection, ACT Museums and Galleries

Belle Reily, Facilitating artist

Tim Dwyer, Facilitating artist


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