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BW photograph of cars travelling over bridge in 1964

Urban Suburban

Sat 7 March – Sun 21 June

Comprised entirely of works from the Canberra Museum and Gallery visual arts collection, this exhibition explores urban and suburban Canberra. The works examine Canberra as a town and a city independent of the national monuments that define it as the Nation’s Capital. From black-and-white photographs of the city from the 1960s through to the work of contemporary artists examining life in the suburbs, the exhibition reveals the rituals and experiences that enrich life in Canberra, and discovers thematic links between the diverse works in the Collection. The exhibition encompasses a range of media including printmaking, photography, painting and sculpture.

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BW photograph of cars travelling over bridge in 1964

INK REMIX: Contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Fri 3 July – Sun 18 October

Contemporary ink art has emerged as one of the most important artistic trends in recent years in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It has attracted significant attention internationally, and this is the first exhibition presented in Australia to respond to developments in ink art from across this region.

In the West, ink art is commonly associated with traditional forms of Chinese painting and calligraphy. This exhibition offers new ways of thinking about ink as a contemporary, dynamic, and diverse form of visual expression. Rather than focusing on the medium, practice, or the tradition of ink art, this exhibition explores the idea of ink as a contemporary form of visual representation that connects the past, present and future. It features more than 35 works of art from 14 artists produced in diverse media including: Coca-cola, tea, biro, ink jet prints, photography, video and animation.

BW photograph of cars travelling over bridge in 1964

X-rated: the sex industry in the ACT

Sat 28 March – Sun 20 September

Since the 1980s Canberra has been synonymous with sex in the minds of many Australians. Twenty years have passed since it became legal to sell X-rated videos in the Australian Capital Territory. This exhibition explores the evolution of Canberra’s sex industry over the past 50 years.

The public is warned that some material displayed in this exhibition
may cause offence.

For Visitors over 18 years of age.

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Samantha Small

Until Sun 14 June

This remarkable exhibition recalls the horrors of the Somme battle-field of WW1 which coincided with the emergence of the tank as a key armament on both sides of combat. The artist’s point of departure was a toy tank of the period, which led her to reflect on the contrast between child’s play and the harsh realities of armed conflict.

Glass Alphabet

Sat 14 March – Sun 22 November

This unique conceptual work was originally shown at Craft ACT and was instigated by curator, Mel George. The work is composed of 26 individual objects, each depicting one letter of the alphabet, which have been produced by some of the most prominent glass artists in the Canberra region.


Women carrying WILPH banner at the international Women's day march Canberra 2011

Women’s Power to Stop War

Sat 21 February – Sun 31 May 2015

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) was founded in 1915. The ACT Branch (formed in 1982) has been involved in WILPF activities at all levels; from peace rallies in New York to anti-arms protests and lobbying for women to be peace negotiators in Canberra. This exhibition explores the contribution of these dedicated women to local, national,
and international peace movements.

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Steven Holland, 'Monaro' 2001

Canberra Stories Gallery: New Chapters


Artefacts from CMAG's permanent collection tell new stories
about sport, leisure and community in the Canberra region.


Sidney Nolan, 'Under the pier' 1945

The Foundation Collection

The Nolan Collection Gallery

Works on display from the Foundation Collection by eminent Australian artist Sidney Nolan. This significant collection was donated to the people of Australia in 1974 and includes the Burke and Wills expedition, Under the pier and works from the Ned Kelly series.

Canberra Museum and Gallery manages the Nolan Collection on behalf of
the Australian Government

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