Education Programs

Designed as interactive experiences, CMAG's education programs offer a wide range
of learning experiences with an emphasis on art and history.
Programs are held in the gallery spaces with accompanying practical sessions in the studio.


Canberra Museum and Gallery

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Group bookings are essential.
Please contact the Education Officer: (02) 6207 1775
Cost: $6.50 per student
Teachers and supervisors are free of charge


What's On

Charwei Tsai, Bonsai series, 2015

INK REMIX: Contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

CMAG educators have designed an education kit for use in the exhibition,
INK REMIX: Contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
and in the classroom.

The kit is framed by the Australian Curriculum and includes images of
selected works of art and engaging activities with a particular focus on
visual arts concepts and techniques.

To arrange an Independent Teacher Guided Tour of INK REMIX
please contact us.

For: Years 7-10
Education Booking Officer: 6207 9130

Education Kit: INK REMIX: Contemporary art from mainland China,
Taiwan and Hong Kong

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Ink Remix teacher guided tour introduction Video

Click to see a short video introducing the education kit by the
exhibition curator Dr Sophie McIntyre



Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs

Our specialist preschool programs are extremely popular and are generally booked out 6-8months in advance. We do occasionally have cancellations and operate a waiting list to fill vacant dates. Contact the Education Officer (6207 1775) to enquire about available dates.

What Do Artists Make?

Curiously Canberra!

Children will explore the exhibition, Urban/suburban, through the lens of a Canberran. The exhibition features works of art examining Canberra as a town and a city independent of the national monuments that define Canberra as the nation’s capital illustrating a place familiar to locals and unknown to visitors.  In the studio children will explore and experiment with some of the tools and techniques artists use to create these visions of Canberra; a wonderful way of introducing children to artworks within a gallery setting. 

Age: Preschool – Year 2
Single program: $6.50 per student
For more information contact CMAG Education Officer: 6207 1775

For bookings contact the Education Bookings Officer: 6205 0916

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Old MacDonald’s Farm

Old MacDonald’s Farm

Through story telling, play and song, children learn about activities that happen on a farm and experience a gentle introduction to the past. A practical butter-making workshop allows children to experiment with historical techniques and taste the finished product.

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What Do Artists Make?: Self-Guided Art Stops

What Do Artists Make?: Self-Guided Art Stops

This self-guided tour offers preschools an excellent alternative to our guided programs. The self-guided tour consists of five Art Stops where students explore works of art using specialist materials and activities.

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Bread and Butter


Bread and Butter

Roll up your sleeves and get to work! This hands-on workshop introduces students to life in Canberra before it was the National Capital. Using historical equipment, students will experiment with tools and techniques to make butter, a basic food we all take for granted...

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Outreach Education Kits

Outreach education kits are available with images from the CMAG collection
for teachers to use in the classroom.  Kits include images and activities
to encourage an understanding of visual arts concepts and techniques.

Odyssey Education Kit Developed in association with the exhibition,
2113: A Canberra Odyssey the kit allows children to examine the city through works of art ranging from prints to sculpture to paintings. Travelling forwards and backwards through time children discover how Canberra may have looked in the past, how it looks now and how it might look in the future.

Focus Workshops


Focus Workshops

Focus workshops are designed to enhance students’ observational skills, broaden their understanding of artistic concepts and create opportunities to experiment with hands-on techniques...

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Exhibition in a Suitcase

Ordinary/Extraordinary : Exhibition in a Suitcase Outreach Program

Discover our two suitcases, packed full of a variety of stunning objects made by local artists. Explore the extraordinary nature of ordinary things.

Red Suitcase: What is Design?

This suitcase contains a range of stunningly designed and made objects in glass, metal, ceramics, plastic and timber. Some of these use traditional techniques and others are made using hi-tech machines and materials.

Suitable for primary to adult learners.

Blue Suitcase: What Inspires Artists?

This suitcase contains a series of quirky and exciting objects where the artists have used imaginative approaches to materials. Here you will find toast made from clay, Millennium Bug Teapots and other strange and inspiring objects made from plastic, timber and collected objects...

Suitable for primary to adult learners.

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Transport and Parking

Canberra Museum and Gallery is located on London Cct in Canberra city. Paid parking is available in adjacent carparks, including four disabled carparks in the London Cct carpark opposite the bus interchange. CMAG is located very close to the Civic bus interchange and many school groups use public transport to visit us. For groups travelling by chartered bus, there is a bus drop-off zone outside CMAG on London Cct.

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