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7 February - 31 May
Cabinets of Curosities Open Collection


I first began collecting Buddhist art in the late 1970s. I had studied Asian art as a sub-major in my Fine Arts Honours year at the University of Sydney and my research was in Japanese ink painting (Zen Buddhist) and the theory of Islamic painting. Buddhist sculpture was not available as a research topic but it was my first interest as far as the arts of Asia were concerned.

My tastes are eclectic and items are purchased on the immediacy of their appeal to my aesthetic, not as the result of prolonged consideration. I don’t mind if pieces are fragmentary or damaged; high quality or productions for the tourism market. I collect across a number of countries – China, India, Tibet, Indonesia – and also collect Hindu sculpture but certainly not in the same depth
as Buddhist art.

The works on display represent about two-thirds of my current collection of Buddhist/Hindu art. I’m sure that I will continue to add to this – I don’t think I can’t!

Peter Haynes
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