Staff Collections

7 February – 31 May 2009
Cabinets of Curosities Open Collection

It should not be surprising that staff who work in institutions that collect, should themselves be collectors. What may be surprising is what these staff collect outside their professional duties within Canberra Museum and Gallery.

The works on display reflect their owners’ passions, obsessions, tastes, eccentricities and individual personalities. They are also exemplary of our need to express ourselves through the objects with which we furnish and decorate our homes and which, in some instances we use in our everyday lives.

Objects of themselves have intrinsic meanings. Objects within collections are as much about themselves as they are about the other objects which comprise the totality of the collections of which they are a part. They also provide tantalisingly guarded insights into those that collect.

The diversity of objects in CMAG Staff Collections is a reflection of their collectors. Enjoy.



Hats and Memories

Party Tumblers

Soft Drink Bottles

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