Arthur Wicks Solstice note # 2

Olive Cotton Skeleton Leaf 1964




CMAG Collection Series

5 July - 21 September 2008
Gallery 5

This exhibition has on display works by Olive Cotton, Denise Ferris, Matt Kelso, Rob Little, Marcia Lochhead, David Paterson, Ted Richards, Marzena Wasikowska, Arthur Wicks and William Yang. The works show Canberra photographers taking full advantage of our unique environment with its blend of urban and rural environments.

CMAG Collection Series of exhibitions highlights aspects of the CMAG permanent collection and have been running through 2008 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CMAG, CMAG Collection series: Photography is part of that celebration.

Extended information:

Olive Cotton
Marcia Lochhead
Ted Richards
Arthur Wicks

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