Past Exhibitions

January - December 2009

Ocean to Outback:

Australian Landscape Painting 1850-1950

A National Gallery of Australia Travelling Exhibition

13 February -17 May 2009
Gallery 2/3

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the National Gallery of Australia this exhibition of treasured works from the National Collection celebrates the rich history of landscape painting in Australia. Ocean to Outback has been curated by NGA Director, Ron Radford AM.

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Journey to Morning

15 May – 16 August 2009
Gallery 4

Journey to morning is an installation by Canberra artists Blaide Lallemand and Hilary Cuerden-Clifford. This work explores a universal aspect of human existence, sleep, which cuts across age, gender and cultural background.
The subjects were photographed over the course of a night, with the camera placed directly above them and each exposure lasting for thirty minutes. The individual series of images have been subsequently translated into moving sequences (with the assistance of artist Christopher Fulham), playing on separate screens. The sleepers are both vulnerable and unassailable, in their own worlds and yet visible to us, the viewers; we are conscious that this is an experience we humans all share, even though it is when we are asleep that
we are – perhaps – most unique, most ourselves.

An Act of Surrender

27 February-14 June 2009
Gallery 5

This exhibition celebrates two significant anniversaries in the history of the ACT. The first is the centenary of the completion of the Federal Capital Territory survey for the city of Canberra by Charles Robert Scrivener in May 1909. The second marks twenty years of self-government in the Australian Capital Territory. In March 1989 an ACT election was held and for the first time residents of Canberra were able to elect an Assembly with the powers to create, change and abolish the laws of the Territory. The Assembly sat for the first time on 11 May 1989.

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CMAG Staff Collections

7 February-31 May 2009
Open Collection

An exhibition highlighting the private collections of the CMAG staff members showcasing a diverse range of collecting interests.

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Mandy Martin. Painting 1981 - 2009

30 May-6 September 2009 now CLOSED
Gallery 2/3

An exhibition of work by celebrated Australian artist Mandy Martin whose painting examines the fragile beauty of the Australian landscape.

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David Kilby

David Kilby’s Record Covers

13 June-11 October 2009
Open Collection

A fascinating collection of LP record covers from the extensive record collection belonging to Canberra personality and long time presenter on ABC Radio 666 Canberra David Kilby.

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New Under the Sun:
Contemporary Design in Jewish Ceremony III

3 July - 25 October 2009
Gallery 5

A travelling exhibition from the Jewish Museum of Australia showcasing original Jewish ritual objects created by 30 crafts people from all religions and in a variety of media reflecting a contemporary Australian aesthetic.

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Mariana del Castillo: Limbo Mania

21 August - 15 November 2009
Gallery 4

An installation displaying combined elements of realism and absurdity with mystical qualities that arouse and reveal past and present memories and emotions by Mariana Del Costillo.

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