Past Exhibitions 2013

Splinters Theatre of Spectacle:
Massive love of risk

Sat 28 September – Sun 8 December
Gallery 5

An art performance troupe based in Canberra from 1985–1998, Splinters was renowned for its site-specific, cutting-edge theatre, often presented in outdoor or industrial venues. The exhibition recalls Splinters’ work through documentary video and photographs, original costumes, giant puppets and props.

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Clare Martin: Cloud

Sat 7 September – Sun 1 December
Gallery 4

A cloud floating weightless in the gallery or battalions at war?

CAPO 2013

Sat 16 November – Sun 24 November
Gallery 2/3

For the first time at CMAG, Canberra’s Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO) presents its annual exhibition and auction of works by some of our region’s most exciting visual artists.

Shinki Kato, 'Toku', 8m high pagoda in Canberra-Nara Peace Park, Lennox Gardens

Cities across borders:
Canberra - Nara

Sat 5 October – Sun 17 November
Ramp Showcase

For more than 20 years, Canberra and Nara have interacted at local government, organisational and individual levels.

Despite their many differences, the two cities share a number of similarities, resulting in a unique and compatible bond. The strength of this relationship is demonstrated through continuing gestures of friendship, suggesting that Canberra and Nara truly are sister cities – both in name and in action.

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Background image: Gilbert Riedelbauch, DP bowl 2.6, 2004

2113: A Canberra Odyssey

Sat 13 July – Sun 3 November
Gallery 2/3

Museums usually tell of real events, places and people; this exhibition stretches the envelope to explore scenarios of how Canberra might be in 2113 – our bicentennial year. It reflects on time, place and identity through the interplay of art, science and historical material.

2113: A Canberra odyssey is supported by the ACT Land Development Agency and The Village Building Co.

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Cities Across Borders

Canberra – Queanbeyan: Mon 24 June – Sun 29 September
Ramp Showcase

A series of displays celebrating the important links between Canberra and other cities in the region and across the globe.

Jonaski Takuma, Mounted and carved Emu Egg, c. 1880s. Courtesy The Australiana Fund

Australia revealed: Decorative arts from
The Australiana Fund

Sat 13 April – Sun 30 June
Gallery 2/3

Familiarise yourself with key moments in Australian taste as revealed by the furniture and decorative art objects from the official residences: The Lodge and Government House in Canberra, and Kirribilli and Admiralty House in Sydney. Supported by the Australiana Fund.

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'Wreck Bay', courtesy of Clive Freeman, Galamban

Wreck Bay Community: Window to Wreck Bay

Sat 29 June – Sun 25 August
Gallery 4

Windsongs and Waterlines – where is, what is Wreck Bay? is a Centenary of Canberra project, proudly supported by the ACT Government and the Australian Government. The exhibition, Window to Wreck Bay showcases the cultural survival of the Wreck Bay Community, the traditional owners of Jervis Bay,
and explores the history and culture of the only Aboriginal Community reserve
in the ACT.

Ann McMahon, 'Red bull' 2009-2010

Intensity of purpose: 21 years of ANCA

Tue 2 April – Sun 2 June
Gallery 5

Australian National Capital Artists Inc. (ANCA) celebrates 21 years as an
artist-run initiative with an exhibition at CMAG of contemporary works by
past tenants. Beginning in 1991, the provision of purpose-built studio
spaces for Canberra region artists has significantly contributed to
Australia’s cultural and economic life.

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Canberra City Band in Civic Square, 1966. Courtesy of Canberra City Band.

Canberra Gold

Sat 19 January Sun 26 May
Open Collections Gallery

A selection of stories from the Canberra Gold Award which is given to residents and organisations celebrating 50 years or more of community participation in the ACT.

Patricia Piccinini, Eulogy, 2011 (detail)

Patricia Piccinini: Structures of support

Mon 6 May - Sun 19 May
Gallery 4

I am fascinated by the narrative and ethical repercussions ensuing from
our increasingly sophisticated understanding of and interventions into the
structure of life.
- Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini is one of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary artists whose startling sculptures examine the connections between science and nature, art and the environment. Audiences are drawn to Piccinini’s sculptures because they appear so real, yet they are creatures of the artist’s imagination developed to consider a strange new world of artificial or mutant beings derived from experimental biotechnology.

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Marking Place

Sat 10 November 2012 – Sun 24 March 2013
Gallery 2/3

An exhibition about landscape and the poetics
of place as expressed through the painting, ceramics and sculpture of three Canberra artists:
G.W.Bot, Anita McIntyre and Wendy Teakel.

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The Women Who Made Canberra

Sat 24 November 2012 – Sun 17 March 2013
Gallery 5

As we approach Canberra’s centenary year CMAG is celebrating the
experiences of women in Australia’s national capital. Tribute is paid
to the stories and achievements of a selection of women, bringing
to light how they have shaped, and been shaped by, life in Canberra.

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Cities Across Borders

Canberra – Dili: Sat 19 January Sun 3 March
Ramp Showcase

A series of displays celebrating the important links between Canberra and other cities in the region and across the globe.

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