Past Exhibitions

January - December 2010


CMAG Recent Acquisitions

24 July - 21 November
Gallery 5

An exhibition featuring visual art and social history objects recently
acquired for the CMAG collection.

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3 July – 31 October
Open collection

Admire Edwin Ride’s collection of objects featuring Australia’s floral emblem.
This exhibition illustrates the development of wattle as a symbol of Australia over the last 150 years. The exhibition will coincide with the 100th
anniversary of National Wattle Day on 1st September 2010.

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Jacqueline Bradley, Window Boxes (detail) 2009

Something in the Air:
Collage and Assemblage in Canberra Region Art

20 June – 10 October 2010
Gallery 2/3

An exhibition of 40 artists working with found objects, assemblage and collage, highlighting the influences of international art movements and the unique landscape of the Canberra region.

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Ted Richards, Garema Place (detail)

1960s Canberra

13 March – 11 July 2010
Gallery 5

An exhibition celebrating aspects of the swinging sixties in the Canberra region, drawing on the Social History and Visual Arts collections of CMAG.

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Kirsten Farrell

5 March – 30 May 2010
Gallery 4

An installation that explores a fictional landscape of Canberra, using the conventions of mapping in transparent forms that hover between painting and sculpture. Part of an ongoing series of site-specific works of art by Canberra artists responding to CMAG’s glass-fronted gallery on Civic Square.

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Jude Rae

6 February – 6 June 2010
Gallery 3

An exhibition of still life paintings by Canberra-based artist Jude Rae, winner of the Portia Geach Memorial Award for portraiture in 2005 and 2008.

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Ruth Waller

6 February – 6 June 2010
Gallery 2

A major survey exhibition of works by artist Ruth Waller, Head of the Painting Workshop at the ANU School of Art.

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Caught in the ACT:
Crime and Punishment in the ACT

19 September - 24 January
Gallery 2/3

Convicts, bushrangers, crims and cops are taking over CMAG! Come and
delve into the dark recesses of Canberra’s history with this exhibition which explores crime, the law and punishment in the Canberra region since
European occupation.

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Britten, My Purnululu (detail), 2000

Prints and Drawings
from the CMAG Collection

6 November 2009 – 28 February 2010
Gallery 5

A lively selection of prints and drawings from the CMAG permanent collection showcasing a diverse range of graphic practice from the Canberra region from the 1950s to the present.

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Elizabeth Kelly

28 November 2009 – 21 February 2010
Gallery 4

An extraordinary installation of glass, one of an ongoing series of site-specific works of art by Canberra artists responding to CMAG’s glass-fronted gallery on Civic Square

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Dale's Cars

24 October 2009 - 7 February 2010
Open Collection

An exhibition showcasing an amazing collection of toy cars amassed
by a local Canberra collector.

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