NItza Karpel Flantz, Me’ayin yavo ezri - a contemporary mechitzah

Guy Blashki, Lehadlik Iti/Light with me (detail) Hendrik Forster, Kiddush cups and decanter

Prue Venables, Noisemaker 1 Brenda Factor, The Strip Mezuzah

Contemporary Design in Jewish Ceremony III

3 July - 25 October 2009
Gallery 5

A travelling exhibition from the Jewish Museum of Australia showcasing original Jewish ritual objects created by 30 crafts people from all religions and in a variety of media reflecting a contemporary Australian aesthetic.

“This, the third such exhibition, follows the same format, with a new and significant addition. The exhibition’s curator, Rebecca Forgasz, has introduced a new focus, namely the creation of Judaica for new Jewish ceremonies and rituals. Numerous artists have
responded to this challenge, creating objects to use in naming ceremonies for girls, commemorative services on Holocaust Remembrance Day and other ritual contexts.

This is the first time such works will be exhibited in Australia. We are proud to present to the Australian public over sixty original, innovative and beautiful items of Judaica, created by thirty artists, including some of Australia’s leading craftspeople. We are also honoured to be able to tour this exhibition nationally after its display at the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne. Thus can we share widely the fineness of the craftwork, the sanctity of the rituals and the richness of Jewish
ceremonial practice.”

Dr Helen Light
Director, Jewish Museum of Australia

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