Hargraves 2, 2007

Meg Buchanan

Hargraves 2, 2007

synthetic polymer/canvas
152 x 213cm

Meg Buchanan trained as painter at the Newcastle School of Art from 1968 to 1971 and has until recently been better known as
a printmaker. Her printmaking skills are manifest not only in her own work but also
in those prints produced for other artists, particularly during her period at Studio One (1983 – 1986) a (now defunct) Canberra print workshop of which she was co-founder and co-director. Buchanan is also a skilled and innovative sculptor and draughtsman.

From 1974 she lectured at tertiary institutions in Australia, Asia and Africa; from 1992 – 1998 she was Head, Foundation Studies, Canberra School of Art and from 1998 – 2001, Head, Printmaking, at the National Art School, Sydney. Since 2001 she has worked full-time at her own practice.  Buchanan lives and works at Hall, just outside Canberra.

The Painting, Hargraves 2,is an excellent example of the work presently being produced by Buchanan, inspired by the landscape the artist experienced during her Artist-in-Residency at Hill End in 2006. It has been included in the exhibition at CMAG, Meg Buchanan: Five years on which featured a number of works created as a result of her residency and her continuing relationship with the rural landscape.  In the painting Hargraves 2 Buchanan combines images of natural and manmade elements in the landscape as if rusting sheets of corrugated iron are disintegrating or metamorphosing into the landscape they have been discarded in.

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