Venus pose, 2004

Marie Hagerty

Venus pose, 2004

oil/canvas 168 x 152cm

Marie Hagerty was born in Sydney, in 1964 and currently lives and works in Canberra. She graduated from Canberra School of Art, Institute of the Arts in 1987. Her work has gathered considerable interest over the past five years.

Her works are in numerous public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Artbank, the ACT Legislative Assembly and the Australian National University.

Haggerty has long been considered one of Canberra’s foremost contemporary artists with a growing national reputation. Her most recent bold canvases have been described as oscillating between the figurative and abstract. Sebastian Smee from the Sydney Morning Herald described her work as the creation of a “...beguiling impression of three-dimensionality...each plane seems to push out from the one 'behind' it, so that each painting has its own aura of quiet movement and mystery.”

Venus Pose is no exception to this. Directly referencing the modest Venus pose found in classical sculpture, the title gives us clues that in this strong abstraction Hagerty is using her planes to conceal and reveal the sensuous tactility of the work.

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