Designed by Rimas Keraitis,
embroidered by Salomea Mikušionis
& Leonarda Veloniškis 1975
wool, cotton
235 x 245 cm

Gift of the Canberra Lithuanian
Community Association 2002


The Canberra Lithuanian Community Association was formed in 1949 by newly arrived migrants to Canberra. Led by the Lithuanian-Australian Club Committee (1961), members built a club in Lyneham which opened in 1964. It was regarded as a ‘home away from home’ for its two hundred and fifty foundation members.

Using traditional Lithuanian designs and made by club members, the embroidery was worked in canvas stitch in three colours on a brown ground in four panels, and was intended to create a familiar and homely atmosphere in the club.

The proliferation of community clubs and societies is central to the story of Canberra as
a ‘meeting place’ and is evidence of the cultural diversity of the national capital. This embroidery is material evidence of the Canberra Lithuanian Community and the Canberra Lithuanian Club at Lyneham (1964-1999). It represents a Canberra chapter in the great story of post-Second World War migration to Australia.

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