Installation View


Put one and two together Terrific & Colour by numbers

Elizabeth Kelly

28 November 2009 – 21 February 2010
Gallery 4

The artist of this installation, Elizabeth Kelly, is particularly engaged with the architectural and engineering potential of glass, and the built environment has been a major theme in her practice. She is interested in how systems and patterns function in construction engineering and has adapted industrial production methods to small-scale studio practice, experimenting with techniques of multiple casting of glass components to make large-scale sculptural forms. Small elements like glass bricks have the potential to expand into even larger structures, including buildings. Kelly is interested in exploiting the properties of natural light within these glass structures and colour is a very particular element in the works.

Kelly is also interested in the tower as an enduring architectural form and metaphor for cultural and creative endeavour. Over the centuries people have constructed many kinds of towers for defence, communication, worship and sheer ambition; forms include the tor, bastion, spire, turret, minaret, lighthouse, bell tower, clock tower, watchtower and skyscraper. Symbolically towers are linked to both power and human folly, to human aspiration and hubris. Interestingly, in times of financial crisis towers become taller.

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