David Kilby’s
Record Covers

13 June -11 October 2009
Open Collection

David Kilby was a teacher by profession, his passion for vinyl records led to a full time career on local radio ABC 666, from which he retired in 2008. Coincidentally LP sales increased in 2008 by some 30%. A new audience is discovering something David has known all along:

‘that they like the warmer sound quality of records, the more elaborate album covers and liner notes that come with them, and the experience of putting one on and sharing it with friends….’*

David’s comprehensive collection spans the evolution of record cover art. This undervalued art form has its own pantheon of great exponents and classic creations. The cultural influence of vinyl recording is immense. Less appreciated is the rich source of 20th century social history to be found on record covers and their inner sleeves.

The exhibition pays tribute to a passionate and insightful collector.

Dale Middleby
June 2009

* Kristina Dell, K. 2008, ‘Vinyl gets its groove back’ Time Magazine 10 Jan 2008

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