Shelley ware tea set, c. 1928 - 1945

Australia Wheel c.1950 Scrapbook c.1920

Selections from the
Dawn Waterhouse Collection

31 October – 25 January 2009
Gallery 4

In March 2008 Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) purchased a significant collection of Canberra memorabilia from long-time resident Mrs Dawn Waterhouse.

Dawn moved to Canberra as a three-year-old in 1927 and consequently has witnessed the growth of Canberra from paddocks to pavements; from a small settlement to a modern city. This collection, gathered by Dawn over the last twenty years, documents the changing public image of Canberra from the time of the region’s choice as the location for the Federal Capital, to the modern image carefully crafted by tourism promoters today.

This exhibition presents a snapshot of the collection, showcasing just some of the souvenirs, books, crockery and works of art that will be used by CMAG as part of our mission to tell the story of Canberra and its people.

Exhibition Brochure

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