Current exhibitions

Lake Burley Griffin
1964 -2014

Sat 6 September – Sun 23 November
Gallery 5

This exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of Lake Burley Griffin. It touches lightly on a time before the lake then explores the design and creation of Lake Burley Griffin and its special place in the heart of the Canberra community.




Young David, Christina and Kerryn playing in the garden at Bonython St, Downer, under the shade of an umbrella. Image courtesy of the Ault Family Collection

Growing up in Downer

Sat 7 June – Sun 19 October
Open Collection Gallery

The Ault family came to Canberra in the early 1960s and made their home in the new suburb of Downer. Using historical material from the Ault Family Collection, Growing up in Downer tells the story of Christina Ault’s childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Kept safe in a tea chest and cabin trunk for many years, this material gives a rich insight into a family, a suburb, and the growing city of Canberra.



Detail shot of the 'Placeholder' installation by byrd; geometric coloured shapes spraypainted over a cardboard structure


Sat 21 June – Sun 21 September
Gallery 4

Dan Maginnity is a Canberra artist working under the tag name ‘byrd’. Utilising elements of graffiti-influenced, hybrid imagery, byrd produces murals and commissioned works of astounding originality characterised by their distinctly urban origins. Placeholder has been conceived specifically for the CMAG project space, composed of two distinct components: a facsimile of suburban architecture, with a painted mural facade.

Steven Holland, 'Monaro' 2001

Canberra Stories Gallery:
New Chapters

Artefacts from CMAG's permanent collection tell new stories about sport, leisure and community in the Canberra region.








Sidney Nolan, 'Under the pier' 1945

The Foundation Collection

The Nolan Collection Gallery

Works on display from the Foundation Collection by eminent Australian artist Sidney Nolan. This significant collection was donated to the people of Australia in 1974 and includes the Burke and Wills expedition, Under the pier and works from the Ned Kelly series.

Canberra Museum and Gallery manages the Nolan Collection on behalf of the Australian Government.

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