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Sunday 21 August > 12.30 – 4.00pm

The Great Book Swap

Be a part of something Great! Bring your favourite book into to CMAG to swap with another and help raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

In the lead up to the CMAG on Sunday Book Week Special up until 1pm on the day of the program, children can participate in the
Great Book Swap by following these few
easy steps:

1. Bring in a pre-loved book to CMAG and hand over to the Museum Assistants and fill out a bookplate telling us why you love this book.

2. Make a small donation to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and receive a token for
the Great Book Swap.

3. Bring your token along to the Great Book Swap, which will be opened by the Minister
for the Arts, Ms Joy Burch, at 2.15pm
Sunday 21 August.

4. Browse the range and take home
a pre-loved book for your collection!

The Great Book Swap will open at 2.15pm Sunday 21 August.

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