INK REMIX: Contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong



Sat 4 July – Sun 18 October

Contemporary ink art has emerged as one of the most important artistic trends in recent years in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It has attracted significant attention internationally, and this is the first exhibition presented in Australia to respond to developments in ink art from across this region.

In the West, ink art is commonly associated with traditional forms of Chinese painting and calligraphy. This exhibition offers new ways of thinking about ink as a contemporary, dynamic, and diverse form of visual expression. Rather than focusing on the medium, practice, or the tradition of ink art, this exhibition explores the idea of ink as a contemporary form of visual representation that connects the past, present and future. It features more than 35 works of art from 14 artists produced in diverse media including: Coca-cola, tea, biro, ink jet prints, photography, video and animation


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